Monday, February 1, 2010

My Silence

I have been sick for the last week or so, and without a voice, which has been interesting (and rather entertaining for my 4 year old). In spite of that I have directed tournaments the last two weekends, and am in a stretch where I direct the next 3 weekends (Blaze fundraiser, US Amateur Team, and Kumbaya).

Hopefully this weekend I will have a new laptop to direct on, replacing my vintage 2001 Toshiba! Anyways, I am hoping to see everyone soon, and if you are looking for a fun little event to play in please check out the fundraiser this weekend. Details are at

Let me tell you briefly why this event is important. First, two terrific and underfunded programs wind up with all the profits from this event. The Chicago Blaze is our local team in the US Chess league, and this is the way to support it. Plus you get a cool Blaze hat for playing! The Warren Junior program is dedicated to helping IL produce some of the most promising junior players in the country, Andi Rosen has done a great job lining up opportunities for kids, and this will help. And later that evening is the IL Blitz Championships. You could wind up going home with a state title. The site is at NE Illinois University on the NW side of the city, which is the first time that I have seen a tournament hosted there. Please come out and show your support.


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