Saturday, January 9, 2010

Blogging Again

I'm BAAACK! After a 14 month absence from the blogosphere, I have decided to return to blogging...if there is anyone left out there reading these things. What have I been up to? Well, chesswise I have been involved in working with the Chicago Blaze, have run a 500 player National Youth Action tournament, been teaching, and am in the process of putting together my first big money adult tournament to take place in this December.

I will be posting about all of these things, as well as some of the current issues in Illinois chess which there are several hot topics.

Back to the Atlantic City International, which is the 50K prize fund event taking place in Atlantic City, NJ from December 17-19. Our goal (Tim Just's and myself), is to provide a different type of tournament experience than the typical Goichberg swiss (not that there is anything wrong with those). We will be providing boards and sets (trying to do clocks as well, but that doesn't look like it will happen). If you enjoy playing in these types of events, what type of side events, or perks would you like to see? We want to know. I am also looking at having a poker side event during the tournament, which would be interesting given the mass amount of chess players who have gravitated to poker. Our website for this event is

There is a lot going on chesswise, and I am hoping to start updating this blog 2-3 times per week. Check back early and often.



Steven Craig Miller said...

Will you be running local tournaments this summer?

glennpan said...

To be honest Steve, I really don't know. With all the snow still on the ground, I am dreaming about the summer more than thinking about running events. On June 19, the US Game 15 championships will be held at Joliet Junior College. I will be helping run that event.